MongoDb Document remove by Python

You can remove a particular record using the pymongo module. In order to test remove functionality of Pymongo, We will use another JSON file.
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Insert this JSON document in the Mongodb, as shown in MongoDb Insert We made a new collection named book_collection3.
Python MongoDB Document
MongoDb document

I am going to give the minimum required code to delete the record. The below code would delete the records containing ID=1
Python MongoDB Document deletion
MongoDb document deletion
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Out-put of code.
Python MongoDB Document deletion Out-put
MongoDb document deletion Output
The above out-put shows, Three records of ID=1 have been deleted.
Let us check the out-put of MongoDB
Python MongoDB Document after deletion
Python MongoDB Document after deletion
You can see that no record, which contain ID=1 are left.

Remove all records

In order to remove all records use following code line.
result = record1.remove({ })