Introduction to NoSQL Database

With rise in cloud computing technology there has been rise in NoSQL DBs. Basic question that intrigues the beginners is ""What is NoSQL?" In order to understand this question we have to study the need to introduce them. Before anyone knew about NoSQL there were many types of DATABASES and related technologies. Majority of the DBs were Relational Databases and inorder to work effectively on these relational databases SQL or structured query languages were developed. Both these databases and SQL posed complex problem scenarios for which the developers had been trying to find alternate solutions. Some of the major problems which always remained with these databases were rigid schema design, Joins, child-parent dependencies and so on. The developers had to look for alternatives which would ease out these common problems that existed with relational databases and SQL. So thus came into picture Not only SQL or NoSQL meaning that they may also support SQL like query languages besides other features. Some key features which they provide are:- No SQL DBs have been categorized into several types. Following are the types of NoSQL DBs commonly found in today's market:-