Cloud Computing

Introduction to Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Are we ready for it? What future holds for cloud computing? There are so many questions which frequently intrigues any beginner in this field. While some are answered and others are unanswered, yet curiosity of the people has driven them to exploit and adopt in their day to day business. Exact origin of the term has not been traced but it is believed that in scientific world term cloud refers to large agglomeration and hence the cloud in software field is believed to mean the same as large agglomeration. Cloud has taken shape in many forms however the broader classification on the type of services is:-
  1. SAAS
  2. PAAS
  3. IAAS
There are various classification and categorization on the basis of deployment models such as Private, Public, Hybrid and Community Cloud. We will start with basic history of cloud, cloud architecture, base of the cloud (i.e, on what it is built), Pricing models, Vendors available in market, computing terminology, technology, programming fundamentals, Setting up of cloud infrastructure and so on.